Sunday, October 18

Deltona Reopens Library Along with New Environmental Center and Amphitheater

I recently shot the grand re-opening of the Deltona Regional Library and the new Lyonia Environmental Center and Deltona Amphitheater. All I can say is, "Wow!" I was very impressed with the work that had been done after the over year long closure of the library to local residents.

The new facility boasts that it is a "green" environmentally responsible facility. The $11 million dollar expansion doubled the library's size to 50,000 square feet, and added the 4,000 square foot Lyonia Environmental Center, and a 1,000 seat Deltona Amphitheater. The new facility is beautiful, with lots of native Florida plants and flowers that attract an abundance of wildlife. It has nature trails that allow you to scheduled a guided tour through the Environmental Center, or do a self guided hike, with your choice of length of trail (there are several).

I must admit, as a Deltona resident, I wasn't initially thrilled with the closure and million dollar expansion, but I was very impressed with the final results. I think it will bring many years of enjoyment to the residents of the city and was an effort that ended well. I quite enjoyed my day of shooting the events, people, and even, most of all, all of the beautiful plants and flowers that attracted the bees and butterflies, which are two of my favorite things to shoot! ome of my favorite shots from the day are below. View all the shots from the gallery by clicking here.

Florida Owl
My favorite subject of the day was this adorable little owl, presented by the West Volusia Audubon Society. I actually think he LIKED getting his picture taken! He was just so darn cute!
Kemper Dance Studio Performs
Entertainment in the Deltona Amphitheater presented by the Kemper Dance Studio Students.
Flower with Honey Bee
The flower gardens that have planted were amazing, attracting all kinds of flying wildlife, like this honey bee.
Flower Gardens at Deltona Regional Library
Beautiful flower gardens and plants surround the new Deltona Amphitheater grounds. The choice of plants and flowers seems to have been made on purpose for attracting bees and butterflies!
Nature Trails at Lyonia Environmental Center
They have great nature trails for guided or self-guided walks and hikes through natural Florida habitats. There is a choice of several different length hikes that you can choose to do.

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