Thursday, December 9

Help Portrait Central Florida 2010

As I was winding down, this past weekend, after a long day spent at the Central Florida Coalition for the Homeless, with our 2010 Help Portrait Event, it gave me some time for reflection on the day's events. Taking a long, hot shower, soothing my aching muscles (yeah, I know, I really need to get in better shape to pull a 12 hour work day!), playing with my puppies and kitty, who obviously missed me for the day, and snuggling into my nice warm bed for the evening, all gave me time to roll the day around in my brain a few times and reflect.

This is the second year Help Portrait has been in existence, and my second year working with the Help Portrait Central Florida team. I blogged about my experience with our maiden event last year, and much was learned from our first ever HP event. And yet, I found this past Saturday, that there was still much more to learn, and that each event will have different ebbs and flows, and different people, with varying stories, whose lives will be effected.

For those that aren't familiar with HP, and what it is all about, it is an idea thought up by celebrity Nashville photographer Jeremy Cowart, that in just a matter of weeks went viral, across the globe, and came to fruition in a very short period of time. It had photographers from all over the world joining forces within their communities, in its first ever event of 2009.

Photographer Jeffri going over details of the upcoming day with Site Leader Debbie.

Monday, November 22

Winter Park Harvest Festival | Winter Park Florida Event Photographer

I got to spend another beautiful Fall Florida day in Winter Park, this time photographing the Winter Park Harvest Festival 2010 in downtown Winter Park, Florida. Here are some highlights of the day. Of course, I have thrown in some of my favorite shots of people's pets from the day...anyone who knows me knows I can't resist stopping and taking those! :)

Of course, the day was also an excuse to try out my new Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. I was pleasantly surprised with it, to say the least. Looks like it will be a "keeper," and it just may be my new portrait lens.

Click here to view all my shots from the Festival and the Winter Park Farmers Market (hey, I was in the area, so of course I had to visit it too).

Pumpkin on Hay

No Harvest Festival would be complete without pumpkins and harvest corn.

Harvest Corn

Saturday, October 30

Let There Be Light | Orlando Florida Model Photographer

This past week I had the pleasure of being able to attend a Lighting Workshop. Since I am primarily an on-location, "natural light" shooter, this was an area that I knew I could benefit learning more about. And, boy, was I right. I have had other photographers tell me that indoor studio lighting is the easiest to work with, but just looking at all the strobes, soft boxes and backdrops is so intimidating to me. I have always been of the mindset, give me a great outdoor location and great daylight and I'm good to go! So, getting to actually work with the indoor equipment was a treat and something very different than what I am used to.

It really is amazing what great lighting can do for your photographs. Many of the photos I took that night needed very little post processing work done on them, because of the great light I had to work with, to begin with. It really does make a huge difference!

Sunday, October 17

Baby Shower Photography | Deland Florida Maternity Photographer

Most people consider professional wedding photography for their "big" day when they get married, but what about the other events in their lives that would be great to have pictures of for the future? Event photography doesn't have to be limited to just weddings. What about other once in a lifetime events like special birthdays (when baby turns one or the "sweet 16," for instance), bar and bat mitzvahs, quintaras, the birth of your baby, wedding showers, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, or baby showers! These special events in your life deserve special documentation too.

Often friends and relatives will be on hand with camera to take pictures at these events, which is great, but that also takes away from the time they spend interacting with each other, and many times, while they take wonderful shots of the guests, guests of honor, etc., they may forget to document those little "detail shots" that really helped set the mood for the event.

Things like the decorations that were carefully picked out and put up by the friends and family hosting the event, or that special cake that everyone couldn't stop talking about, or the beautiful gift table that was set up in the corner, may get overlooked by a guest photographer at the party. A professional photographer, who knows what to look for, can make sure that these type of detail shots are not forgotten. Generally you will remember the guests at your party, as they continue to be a part of your life forever, but those small details of the day may fade from your memory as time goes by!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a both a guest, and guest photographer, at a beautiful baby shower. I must say, it was one of the nicest baby showers I have ever attended. Lisa is lucky to have such great friends and family to support her, as she and her husband prepare for the birth of their first child. If you have followed my blog, you know that I have been documenting Lisa's pregnancy, in photographs, as it progresses. I shot her photos at 17 weeks, and then again at 27 weeks. I am looking forward to another session with her, before her sweet bundle of joy arrives, just before Christmas.

As you entered the reception hall, you had no doubt you were going to a baby (yes, it's a boy) balloons greeted you at the entrance doors.

Baby Shower Balloon

Thursday, September 30

Help-Portrait Central Florida is Gearing Up for 2010

I am so excited after the second planning session last night for Help-Portrait Central Florida's 2010 event(s). For those of you that aren't familiar with Help-Portrait (and how can that be after I gushed about it so much last year? LOL), it is a movement of photographers, across the globe, giving of their time, talent, and equipment, to help those less fortunate. And, remember, you don't have to be a photographer to participate. And, if you are a photographer, you don't have to be a professional one – we had all levels of expertise at the event last year. Just have a heart for helping others! Volunteers are needed in all areas, not just photography. We need social media experts, coordinators, make-up artists, assistants, post-processing experts, greeters to simply welcome and interact with people, and tons of help in other areas as well.

Last year's event was powerful, with over 100 volunteers showing to help with the events at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and the WRRC, their women and children's residential center. In case you missed my blog post last year, I encourage you to go back and read about what a powerful impact the day had on me. You should also read the blog post by Orlando baby and family photographer Amanda Kern, and the blog post by Central Florida wedding photographer Misty Miotto, who ran the WRRC event, for the impact the day had on each of them. It was quite simply...awesome!

Wednesday, September 15

Church Street Shooting | Orlando Florida Senior Portrait & Model Photographer

Wow. It has been so long since I have been to Church Street in Orlando! I remember frequenting it when I was much younger, but back then it was called Church Street Station and was one of the few places to go in Orlando. This was long before City Walk and Downtown Disney showed up in the Orlando night life scene. The last time I was there must have been at least 20 years ago!

I finally visited it again a couple of weekends ago, to shoot pictures. What a great backdrop for portraits the area makes. With it's red brick and railroad tracks, there are so many great scenes that can be staged in this area. I had a lot of fun shooting that day with a great group of people. You can see all of the shots from the Church Street Shoot on my website.

Jolene was gem to work with. Her bright blue eyes, beautiful smile and warm personality really showed on camera. I was amazed at how well her skin photographed for me as well...just so gorgeous and creamy. She was kicking it in her cowboy boots and hat too! Simply lovely girl. I hope to work with her again.

Model Jolene in Cowboy Boots and Hat

Monday, August 2

Lisa K. Maternity Photo Session | Debary Florida Maternity Photographer

I had a wonderful Maternity Photo Session with Lisa a couple of weeks ago. She was only 17 weeks along, and just beginning to show a bit. Although the weather was very hot, she held up beautifully and looked absolutely glowing! I, on the other hand, looked like a big bucket of sweat by the time the session was completed. Did I mention it was hot? I mean, July in Florida – not the best time for an outdoor shoot, you think?

I worked with natural available light, and an off camera Nikon SB-600 Speedlight, triggered by my camera. Posing Lisa was a struggle, as the sun continued to move overhead, even though we started the session in the morning. In the end, however, she came out looking absolutely beautiful! You can literally tell in the pictures how excited she is to be having her first baby! I can't wait to document her further in her pregnancy, as her belly grows, so she and her husband will have the memories to keep forever of their first child.

Central Florida Portrait Photographer

Friday, July 2

Saturday Morning at the Farmer's Market | Orlando Florida Pet Photographer

I so love Saturday mornings at the Winter Park Farmer's Market! There are always so many interesting people to see, so many beautiful flowers, so many adorable dogs, in all the size ranges, and, of course, great, fresh produce to be had. I hate that it is getting hotter now, which makes the market a little less bearable in the summer, and can't wait for the cooler weather to come back to Florida in the Fall, so I can enjoy my time there more.

Pineapples at the Winter Park Farmer's Market

Flowers at the Winter Park Farmer's Market

Dog at the Winter Park Famer's Market

Lemons at the Winter Park Farmer's Market

Flowers at the Winter Park Farmer's Market

Dog at the Winter Park Famer's Market

Saturday, May 29

2010 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival | Orlando Florida Event Photography

It's odd to think that I have lived in Florida all of my life and had never been to Epcot. I finally had the chance to visit last month, and what a great time to go, as a photographer – during the 2010 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival! Wow, what a great festival they had too. The flowers were amazing, and I was mesmerized by the Disney characters made out of flowers and plants (topiaries). I also did something I couldn't believe I was going to to a great photo destination without my DSLR. I decided to give my Canon S90 pocket camera a whirl, in the name of sightseeing in comfort. I saw other photographers carrying loads of equipment, and even saw one carrying a whole slew of equipment that must have weighed 40 pounds, around the park. I played it like your typical tourist with my little pocket cam and was worried about what kind of shots I was getting all day, but, I was actually pleasantly surprised with the results from the little S90. I compiled some of my favorite shots from the day below. Please feel free to visit my complete gallery from the 2010 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.
EpcotSpaceship Earth at Epcot
Lady and The TrampLady and the Tramp
Epcot Palm TreesPalm Trees
Daisy DuckDaisy Duck Roasting Marshmallows
The Lion KingThe Lion King
Mickey Mouse and Minnie MouseMickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse the Farmers

Wednesday, April 28

A Picture Taking Funk

Wow, it's hard to believe it's been so long since I have posted to my blog. I must confess, I have been in a "picture taking funk," as of late. It is sad how life "gets in the way" of the things we enjoy so much. I am trying to make a concerted effort to get organized using David Allen's GTD method of organization.

While I tend to be a very organized individual, with lists of things to do, and meticulous keeping of records, etc., I often find myself overwhelmed with everything that is going on in my life, which, of course, zaps my joy for the things I love to do, like taking pictures. :(

I am hoping that the GTD method of prioritizing my responsibilities will help break the cycle of stress and emotional turmoil I tend to feel on a regular basis, which is not good for my health, to say the least.

I am on day two of my program, and so far, so good. We will see where this goes from here!


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