Thursday, December 9

Help Portrait Central Florida 2010

As I was winding down, this past weekend, after a long day spent at the Central Florida Coalition for the Homeless, with our 2010 Help Portrait Event, it gave me some time for reflection on the day's events. Taking a long, hot shower, soothing my aching muscles (yeah, I know, I really need to get in better shape to pull a 12 hour work day!), playing with my puppies and kitty, who obviously missed me for the day, and snuggling into my nice warm bed for the evening, all gave me time to roll the day around in my brain a few times and reflect.

This is the second year Help Portrait has been in existence, and my second year working with the Help Portrait Central Florida team. I blogged about my experience with our maiden event last year, and much was learned from our first ever HP event. And yet, I found this past Saturday, that there was still much more to learn, and that each event will have different ebbs and flows, and different people, with varying stories, whose lives will be effected.

For those that aren't familiar with HP, and what it is all about, it is an idea thought up by celebrity Nashville photographer Jeremy Cowart, that in just a matter of weeks went viral, across the globe, and came to fruition in a very short period of time. It had photographers from all over the world joining forces within their communities, in its first ever event of 2009.

Photographer Jeffri going over details of the upcoming day with Site Leader Debbie.


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