Thursday, April 28

Fun with QR Codes

So, I was recently reading a message board thread where other photographers and wedding service providers were talking extensively about the use of QR codes in their advertising. I have seen QR codes before, but hadn't really paid much attention to them. Then a few days later, a fellow photographer submitted a copy of his newly redesigned business card, which contained, oddly enough, a QR code on the back of it, to a professional forum that I belong too, for critique by members.

Well, seeing this got me curious as to what the QR code thing is all about. A QR code is a "Quick Response" two dimensional bar code that can be scanned and read at a high rate of speed on most smart phones, with the appropriate "app," of course. Different types of information can be stored within the code, such as special offers, business card information, websites, brochures, packaging information, social media, and other advertising and marketing information.


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