Thursday, September 12

Delicious Cheese Grits...4 Rivers Style!

Not my normal kind of post, but I just had to share. I love, love, love a barbecue place local to our area called 4 Rivers. And, my favorite dish there is their baked cheese grits. So, when I happened to stumble upon a recipe for it on our local newspaper's website, I just knew I had to try it at home. All I can say is DELISH! It was so good, so I will share it with y'all.

Cheese grits before baking in the oven.

Serves 10 to 12 (we actually cut 9 squares out of ours, but they were large ones)

Thursday, August 29

Model Photography | Lake Mary, Deland, Daytona Beach, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Orlando, Winter Park

Are you a model, in the Central Florida area, looking for a photographer to create portfolio images for you? Contact Nora Kramer Photography to see what we can do for you!

Tuesday, August 27

Family and Child Photographer | Lake Mary, Deland, Sanford, Orange City, Deltona

Winter Park Child Photographer
Deland Child Photographer
Daytona Beach Child Photographer
Lake Mary Child Photographer
Are you looking for a Family Photographer or Child Photographer in the Central Florida area? Contact me today to book your session.

Sunday, August 25

What Is An "On Location" Photo Shoot Anyway?

"On location" means just that! Out of the stuffy old studio and into a beautiful outdoor location that can offer a gorgeous backdrop of nature and natural light to your Senior Portrait or Family Portrait photography session. 

The name is actually derived from the film industry. When movies are filmed "on location," then they aren't filmed on a set. For example, if a scene in a movie required a backdrop of woods, instead of building "fake woods" on a set, the film crew would go out to real life woods to film the scenes. 

On location photography is the same. Photographers go to natural "real" settings to take your photographs. I call these my "Lifestyle Portrait Sessions." 

A nice benefit to an on location photo shoot is that your photography shoot can be catered to your lifestyle. To what is important to you. This is especially beneficial in Senior Portrait photography, as well as Family Portraits, which can be shot in beautiful parks and at locations that are important to the person or family being photographed.

Model and Fashion Photography in Orlando, FL
Model and Fashion Shoot in Downtown Orlando, Florida

Let's say you ride horses and want to be photographed with your horse or at your stables. This is obviously something that can't be done in an indoor studio. With a Lifestyle Portrait Session, I come to your location of choice and do your photo shoot there, offering you awesome pictures that compliment your lifestyle.

Thursday, August 22

Decisions, Decisions: What to Wear to Your Family Portrait Session?

So, you have finally decided to book that family portrait session, but you aren't sure what to do in preparation for your family photo shoot. What do you wear? What do the kids wear? And, goodness what on earth do you put your husband in?

Choosing the right clothing can make a world of difference when it comes to capturing your memories in a family photograph. So, let me help you out a bit.

First things first, be sure to choose clothing that you will all be comfortable in. There is nothing worse than spending two hours in clothing that doesn't feel natural to you. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, let's say the cloth is itchy or it is too warm for the season, it is going to show in your photographs.

The same holds true for your children. If they don't like the clothing you have chosen for them, or it is too tight or too loose, it will come across in their photos in less than flattering ways.

Choose clothing that each of you will feel confident in. If you feel like you look good, it will show. Avoid clothes that make you feel self conscious. A blouse that is cut so low you are wondering if anything is showing, or a skirt that is too short for you to sit comfortably in will make you feel out of sorts.

Build each family member's clothing choices around their personality. This will make a great reminder of where each person was at the time in their life that the photos were taken, in years to come.

Many families like to "match" in their pictures. This doesn't necessarily mean that all the kids are wearing matching outfits, or even the same colors, but more that their clothing compliments each other. When deciding on what colors to choose, look to your home d├ęcor for inspiration. Chances are you are going to hang portraits from your session on your wall as a fine piece of artwork, so you can kind of tailor your clothing choices to how they would look when hung in the room where they will eventually end up.

Family Photography Session in Deland, Florida

Begin with a color palette or pattern and use different layers and textures that work within your color scheme, to give each family member their own look.

Senior Portraits & Pictures | Deland, Sanford, Debary, Deltona, Lake Mary, Orange City Photographer

Senior Portait Photography in Deltona, FL

Senior Picture Photography in Lake Mary, FL

Senior Portrait Photography in Sanford, FL

Senior Picture Photography in Deland, FL

Senior portrait photography in Orlando, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Winter Park and the surrounding areas.

Wednesday, August 21

Senior Portrait Photographer | Orlando, FL

Central Florida Senior Picture Photography
Nora Kramer Photography is a Class of 2014 Senior Portrait Photographer servicing Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida areas. If you are looking for a senior picture photographer that can give your student the "model treatment," look no further. I offer fun on-location senior portrait sessions that capture your senior student in their best light. The senior season for the Class of 2014 senior picture sessions are filling up fast. Book your appointment today!

Orlando Senior Portrait Photography
Deland Senior Portrait Photography
Lake Mary Senior Portrait Photography
Longwood Senior Portrait Photography

Breaking The 8" x 10" Mindset: What Size Portraits Should I Order For My Living Room Walls?

Many people are unsure as to what size portraits they should order from their photography session for their wall art. Most clients automatically think of an 8" x 10" as being a standard portrait size. They place their order and say something along the lines of: "I want a big one for the wall. How much is an 8" x 10"?" 

Now, let's stop and think for a minute. Is an 8" x 10" really an adequate choice for the space it will be displayed in? Let's say you want to make the portrait the focal centerpiece of your living room, by hanging it above your couch or fireplace mantel. How well does an 8" x 10" work in this space?

8 x 10 Wall Print Matted and Framed - Nora Kramer PhotographyWow, that "big" 8" x 10" sure seems tiny sitting above to the sofa, now doesn't it? Even if the image is great and you just love it, it certainly loses it's "wow factor" sitting on the wall at that size. Now let's compare it to a 24" x 36" piece of wall art.
24 x 36 Wall Print Matted and Framed - Nora Kramer Photography
Oh my! All of the sudden an 8" x 10" doesn't seem much like a wall portrait, does it? However, more often than not, this is the size most people seem to want to begin with, until they see how "big" it really is on their wall.

Sunday, August 18

Why Is It Important To Use A Professional Print Lab?

I often get asked if I offer my photo sessions on CD discs to my clients. The short answer is "yes," however the long answer is a bit more complicated.

Many professional photographers are reluctant to do what is called a "shoot and burn" session with their clients, because they have no control over the final finished product. We know that most people are going to take that CD, and either attempt to print the photos themselves at home, or take them to their nearest Walmart or Walgreens for budget printing, to save money.

However, they are often disappointed with the finished product, when they attempt to "go cheap" on the printing portion of their photography session. What they end up with is usually not the same spectacular photo they saw in their online gallery on their photographer's website.

Our computers are color calibrated to our print lab's computers and printers, so what I see on my screen, is what my professional photo processing lab prints. This offers me control over the work that I do, and the ability to have a client that is happy with their finished product.

Sunday, August 4

Preparing For Your Maternity Photo Session

On the day of your Maternity Photo Session plan to relax and take it easy, both before and after the photo session. You will want to be well-rested, relaxed and comfortable for the shoot. Below are some tips for choosing clothing to wear to your session. 

It is best to wear nude under garments if at all possible. Avoid busy prints on undergarments to avoid showing through fabrics or clothing. If you plan on showing your belly, please do not wear any elastic over the belly for several hours before the session to avoid a red mark on the skin from the elastic.

Make sure to bring any particular clothing you would like to be photographed in, as well as additional clothing such as favorite maternity clothes, stretchy and snug fitting pants and tops. Wear items you feel comfortable in and love. Avoid heavy patterns, stripes, busy prints, and plaids, if at all possible. They tend to not be flattering in a photograph, and they distract from the subject.

Baby Belly with Blocks - Deland Florida Pregnancy Photographer

Thursday, January 31

Why Do My Pictures Have To Carry Your Watermark When I Post Them On Facebook?

Ah, this is a question that gets posed to professional photographers a lot, and something that they explain to their clients over and over again. So, I have decided to explain the importance of photographer's watermarks, when displaying professional photographs online.

While it may just be a snap of the shutter to you, when a photographer takes your photograph they consider it their ART! They take time to contemplate and work the lighting, the posing, the mood and feel of a photograph before even snapping that shutter. While it may not seem like it during a photo shoot, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, even if only in the photographer's mind, for creating that perfect picture for their client. Nobody would consider erasing the signature from a painting or drawing, however people think nothing of cropping a photograph to exclude the watermark the photographer has put on it, to brand the artwork as their creation.

Central Florida Model Photography


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