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Preparing For Your Maternity Photo Session

On the day of your Maternity Photo Session plan to relax and take it easy, both before and after the photo session. You will want to be well-rested, relaxed and comfortable for the shoot. Below are some tips for choosing clothing to wear to your session. 

It is best to wear nude under garments if at all possible. Avoid busy prints on undergarments to avoid showing through fabrics or clothing. If you plan on showing your belly, please do not wear any elastic over the belly for several hours before the session to avoid a red mark on the skin from the elastic.

Make sure to bring any particular clothing you would like to be photographed in, as well as additional clothing such as favorite maternity clothes, stretchy and snug fitting pants and tops. Wear items you feel comfortable in and love. Avoid heavy patterns, stripes, busy prints, and plaids, if at all possible. They tend to not be flattering in a photograph, and they distract from the subject.

Baby Belly with Blocks - Deland Florida Pregnancy Photographer

Wear clothing that really shows off that "baby belly!" Empire styles dresses and sundresses are beautiful and show of the expectant mother's belly nicely, as they "flow" over it. Form fitting tank tops and yoga pants work well to show off your "baby curves." You should look for clingy, not necessarily tight, fabrics, that offer a bit of stretch. Fabrics that adhere to your body's curves photograph excellent, and jeans that you can wear unzipped and unbuttoned work well also. Even pre-pregnancy favorites, such as camisoles are fun for the session. Scarves, shawls, and lengths of long fluid and soft fabric are fun to work with and add texture and interest to your photo.

Also consider a big button down man's shirt (perhaps one of your husband's!) that can be unbuttoned to show off that growing belly. However, any shirt or cardigan that opens down the front will work. Bring several outfits to your session, or items that can be layered, and mixed and matched in your photos, so they are not all the same.

You might want to bring props with you as well, such as baby booties, stuffed animal, rubber ducky – anything you received from a baby shower or have already purchased for the baby as this makes for adorable props and a more personalized photo. We also encourage you to bring along a sonogram photo of the baby, if you have one. If you know the sex of the baby, please let us know ahead of time, so I can theme the shoot appropriately. If you aren't going to find out, or don't know yet, don't worry about it, I can still theme a shoot for you, it will just be gender neutral.

Jewelry is fine for your maternity session. Keep in mind, we will be doing close images of your belly, so a nice bracelet, your wedding ring, or some other ring will add some extra visual appeal to these shots. Please also make sure your fingernails are clean and neat or manicured, as they will be in many of the close up shots.

You will also want to wear comfortable sandals, slippers, or you may even go barefoot for the session.

Wear your makeup, but go a tad "heavier" on it than normal, if possible. You will get the best results wearing makeup.

If you have any tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc. please let me know if you would like to have these hidden or removed for the final product. There is not an extra charge for this service as it will be done during the retouching process. However, some of the most visually interesting maternity photos contain the parent or parents tattoos. Many people choose to leave these things in their photos, as they are "part of who they are," but some may want certain things removed, so please be sure to let me know.

For your partner and children, who are going to be in the photos, we recommend solid colored clothing. It's best to bring light and dark shirts so that we can change the color accordingly to what the mother is wearing. Make sure hands and face are groomed on your man, as well, as they will also be visible in the portraits.

Suggested items to bring to your session:

  • Several outfits that you feel comfortable in
  • Strapless bras (even better when they are a nude color)
  • Tank tops (the ones with built in bras work great)
  • Lingerie, especially if they have a texture or are soft and flowing
  • Short/Boy panties, lace or not, look great with a tank
  • Low rise jeans, even if they don't button any more
  • Front button down shirts (perhaps one of your husbands)
  • Scarves, shawls, flowing fabrics
  • Baby booties, toys, stuffed animals or anything you have already purchased or been gifted for the baby, that will add a personal touch to your photos
  • A recent sonogram picture, if available
  • Examples of any types of shots you would like to have done, if you have something in mind or have seen something you like

The Nudity Factor

Many women are comfortable enough with their bodies that they would like to go nude-either partial (top only) or full body. This is totally optional, for mothers to be that are comfortable with it, and really want to show off their belly, however it can make for some great personal photos for your memory book. Generally these shots are taken in the privacy of your home, towards the end of your pregnancy. These photos usually tend to be more of an artistic photographic representation, with the focus on the pregnant belly. Private areas are very discreetly covered either by positioning, with hands (yours or your partners), and/or with drapes at all times. These photos will always be discreet and tasteful. When the mother's partner is included in these photos it brings a sense of intimacy to your session and in the final results. It brings a sense of family to life!

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