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What Is An "On Location" Photo Shoot Anyway?

"On location" means just that! Out of the stuffy old studio and into a beautiful outdoor location that can offer a gorgeous backdrop of nature and natural light to your Senior Portrait or Family Portrait photography session. 

The name is actually derived from the film industry. When movies are filmed "on location," then they aren't filmed on a set. For example, if a scene in a movie required a backdrop of woods, instead of building "fake woods" on a set, the film crew would go out to real life woods to film the scenes. 

On location photography is the same. Photographers go to natural "real" settings to take your photographs. I call these my "Lifestyle Portrait Sessions." 

A nice benefit to an on location photo shoot is that your photography shoot can be catered to your lifestyle. To what is important to you. This is especially beneficial in Senior Portrait photography, as well as Family Portraits, which can be shot in beautiful parks and at locations that are important to the person or family being photographed.

Model and Fashion Photography in Orlando, FL
Model and Fashion Shoot in Downtown Orlando, Florida

Let's say you ride horses and want to be photographed with your horse or at your stables. This is obviously something that can't be done in an indoor studio. With a Lifestyle Portrait Session, I come to your location of choice and do your photo shoot there, offering you awesome pictures that compliment your lifestyle.

On location shooting also has the benefit of allowing us to shoot interesting photographs with contrasting elements. Perhaps you want to do a high fashion shoot, but in front of a graffiti wall. This makes for a really nice contrast! I have also done wedding shots at a lake. After wedding shots (in full formal attire) in front of dumpsters or at an auto salvage yard. You get the picture!

These type of shoots tend to be more personal than just sitting in front of a black or gray backdrop in a studio. While on locations shoots tend to be more complex to shoot than in studio session for photographers, between the possibility of adverse weather conditions (rain or heat here in Florida) and extremely sunny days that cast harsh shadows, the benefit can far outweigh these inconveniences when you see the final finished product and it's not the same boring stuff you see in studio photography.

And, don't worry if you don't have a place to shoot in mind. Most natural light photographers have plenty of special places they like to shoot they can recommend to you. Usually, when I start to give my clients some ideas of great location shooting spots, they immediately start thinking of some on their own.

I know in my area I have done family photo shoots at some neat parks and local areas of interest including:

The Downtown Sanford Waterfront Area. This area is located along Lake Monroe and it's marina, and has been updated in the past decade to a beautiful location to both visit and shoot at. It offers many diverse areas and is within walking distance of downtown Sanford, Florida.

Downtown Sanford Florida (MainStreet). With it's old brick buildings and downtown square water fountain, downtown Sanford offers a nice rustic old-world charm to photographs.

Sanford Florida Family Photography Session
Family Photo Shoot in Downtown Sanford, Florida

Green Springs Park in Deltona. Ah, one of my very favorite places to shoot! Green Springs Park has over 36 acres of nature and a bright and colorful green sulfur spring. It includes both paved and natural walking trails, scenic overlooks and a colorful playground offering a very cool backdrop for family photographs.

Dickinson Memorial Park (near the Orange City Library). I did a really fun family session in a small area here. With a gazebo to play off of, two different water fountains, park benches and lots of greenery, we were able to get some top notch shots right in that small area.

Orange City Florida Senior Picture Photography Session
Senior Pictures Photo Shoot in Orange City, Florida at Dickinson Memorial Park

Gemini Springs Park in Debary. I am not the first photographer to do on location shoots here, and I won't be the last. This popular area park offers open area and wooded areas, as well as bridges for fun photo shoots.

Downtown Deland Florida (MainStreet). Like Sanford, Deland offers many beautiful, diverse and rustic buildings to work as backdrops in photographs.

Sunflower Park in Deland. I have done several sessions in this park, which is small, quiet and offers several different "backdrops" for diversity. It is also close to the Downtown Deland area.

Sunflower Park Deland Florida Family Photography Session
Family Portrait Photo Shoot in Deland, Florida at Sunflower Park

Crane's Roost Park in Altamonte Springs. Love, love, love this one! While it tends to have a lot of foot traffic, it still offers one of the nicer areas to shoot photographs in Central Florida. It's close to most locations and right off of I-4 for easy access. It features lots of lush greenery, ducks, birds, turtles and is a lot of fun for engagement photography, model photography, senior pictures and family picture shoots alike. This park also hosts weddings.

Central Park at Lake Mary City Hall. Central Park offers a reflecting pond, gazebo and beautiful surroundings for photo shoots. Weddings also take place in this location.

All of my lifestyle portrait sessions are held on location, in your home, or setting of your choice, within a 30 mile area of West Volusia County, Florida. (Beyond that area additional fees may be incurred for travel time.) My standard service area includes most of Seminole and Volusia counties, as well as parts of Orange, Flagler, Lake, and surrounding counties.

Lake Louisa Florida Model Photography Session
Model and Fashion Photo Shoot at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, Florida

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