Wedding Add-On Packages

Weddings are such special days and I know you don't want to miss a second of them. Because modern day weddings can be multi-day or multi-venue events, I offer several wedding add-on packages, in addition to to my standard Wedding Day Photography Collections.

Engagement Sessions

Engagement Photo Sessions with the couple are a great way to have pictures taken of the two of you, to share when you announce your engagement. These photography sessions have become more popular with today's newly engaged couples. Engagement Sessions no longer have to be dry and traditional. They can be shot on location, at the venue of your choice, allow you and the photographer to be creative, and are more trendy and fun than in days past.

They are also great sessions for getting to know your photographer and making sure you are a good fit with each other, before the "big day" arrives! If you have not yet selected a photographer, an engagement photo session is the perfect opportunity to test the waters and preview my work. Then you can then decide if you want to make the bigger investment by choosing me to shoot your wedding.

Sessions generally last about two hours and are shot on location. Some couples even like to go back to the original place they proposed to do their shoot! Some of our Wedding Collections may include a free Engagement Session. If you book an Engagement Session only, and then decide later to book me for your wedding, I will credit 1/2 of the cost of the creation fee for the engagement shoot towards your wedding collection!


Bridal Portrait Sessions

Bridal Portraits are a time-honored tradition that feature the bride only and are taken a few days, or even weeks, prior to the wedding day. They are more formal sessions, which will allow the bride to have pictures of her in her wedding dress taken, at a more leisurely pace than what she would normally get on her wedding day.

If you are a bride who is "camera shy," or who is picky about how you look in pictures, this is an opportunity to be able to take the time to really feel comfortable in front of the camera, without an impatient groom or family member rushing you on the wedding day. Years later when your groom has your portrait on his desk, you'll be glad you got it right!

It is recommended that your hair and makeup be professionally done before this session. This also offers you the opportunity to give your hair and makeup a "trial run" before the big day. Sessions generally last about two hours and are shot on location, at either an indoor or outdoor venue of the bride's choosing. Some of our Wedding Collections may include a free Bridal Portrait Session.

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Trash the Dress Sessions

Trash the Dress Sessions, also known as Fearless Bridal or Rock the Frock, are fun sessions, featuring the couple in their wedding or formal clothing, contrasted in an environment in which it is out of place. Sessions are usually shot on the beach or water, on downtown city streets, in garbage dumps, fields, junk yards, or abandoned buildings. Anything that provides a cool and funky contrast to the formal wedding clothing.

They are done as an additional shoot after the wedding, almost as a declaration that the wedding is done and the dress will not be used again. It is seen as an alternative to storing the dress away, never to be seen again. However, some brides and grooms opt not to use their actual wedding attire and will purchase formal attire at Goodwill or second hand stores, so they can really get them "grunged" up, wet, or whatever! The sessions are super fun and totally non-traditional. Sessions generally last about two hours. Some of our Wedding Collections may include a free Trash the Dress Session.

Trash the Dress Wedding Photography - Central Florida & Orlando

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage {3 hours of candid coverage}

Next to the pomp and fanfare of the wedding day, the rehearsal dinner has historically gone undocumented by many couples. Without photographs of the evening, it's been treasured only in the memories of those who attended it. Or, even worse, it has been documented by family members with small point and shoot cameras that provide, at best, grainy pictures in low light situations these dinners tend to produce.

I offer a photo-journalistic coverage of the Rehearsal Dinner events, so you can tell the entire "story" of your wedding weekend. The wedding event is not only about the one big day, but it was also about the preliminary events. The images of the guests coming face to face for the first time, the expressions of anticipation, the excitement that fills the eve of the wedding: all of these moments are important and memorable. An online picture gallery will be created for the dinner, with a link which you can send guests, both those that were at the dinner and those that were not able to attend, for viewing the pictures after the wedding.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Central Florida and Orlando

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